Meditation & Aromatherapy

Gratitude practice: Meditation & Aromatherapy

As a practicing yogi, Michelle believes that every day should be Thanksgiving, and every day can be, as long as we cultivate an attitude of gratitude. We are more readily able to bring these optimistic qualities into our life when we meditate on them.

aromayogi_meditation-and-aromatherapyThe use of essential oils aromatically triggers instincts, emotions and memory, which is the perfect compliment to a meditation practice.

Aromatherapy and meditation, are holistic and ancient practices, both offering mental, emotional, physical and spiritual benefits.

When practicing gratitude it’s best to first become centered and more grounded, so when choosing an essential oil to compliment this practice I reached for doTERRA’s Balance Blend. This blend is very grounding and contains the woody aroma of spruce and ho wood, as well as the rich and exotic scent of frankincense, the more calming attributes of this blend come from blue tansy and blue chamomile. You may choose another oil if you wish, just make sure it brings in a sense of calm and relaxation when you breath in the aroma.

What you will need for this practice:

  • A quiet and comfortable place where you can sit and tune out the world and tune-in to your heart.
  • doTERRA Balance Blend essential oil (EO) or other favorite EO.
  • Attitude of gratitude.

5 step/5 minute Meditation with Aromatherapy for a Grateful Heart:

  • From a comfortable seated position allow your lower body to ground down into the earth, gently close your eyes. Let your heart and chest lift as you inhale, and your shoulders relax down and back as you exhale. Continue to breath deep, in through the nose and out through the nose a few times.
  • Place 1-2 drops of your EO in the palm of your hand and rub your hands together several times. Cup both hands over your nose and mouth and inhale the aroma deeply, exhale slowly with control noticing all the sensations within your body, letting go and relaxing more fully. Take several more breaths until you feel more centered and grounded.
  • Take a hand to your heart to rub the remaining EO on your chest, then seal both hands together in front of the heart space with the thumbs resting against your chest, fingers pointing upward. Eyes still closed, continue to breath deep, inhaling positive thoughts and energy, exhaling tension and stress to create more space for gratitude to flow in.
  • Bring your thoughts and focus to the energy within and around the heart, start to think about all of the things you are thankful for from the smallest to the grandest, counting your blessings. Let your heart fill and even overflow with an immense feeling of gratitude.
  • Cup your hands over your mouth and nose once more and breath in the aroma, then place both hands one over the other on your heart, and end with this mantra, I am thankful, I am grateful, my heart is full. Repeat the mantra several times to yourself or out loud, then sit in silence a few moments to feel the positive vibration extend from within the heart and completely encircle you.

Come practice an in-depth gratitude meditation paired with aromatherapy in the upcoming AromaYoga Workshop based on Gratitude.

Date: TBD

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