Gratitude Practice

As we step into the month of Thanksgiving, lets give thanks by practicing gratitude.


Why practice gratitude?

Pure and simple, practicing gratitude makes us more happy! Many studies have shown positive results for the mind, body, and spirit. Some amazing benefits include a more resilient immune system, higher levels of positive emotions, stronger relationships, and the lengthy list goes on. In return practicing gratitude reduces the side effects of stress and anxiety.

There are countless ways that we can practice gratitude. Here are some of Michelle’s favorites…

•Aromatherapy and meditation
•Bring balance to the heart chakra (energy center of the heart space)
•Practice heart opening asanas (yoga  postures)
•Keep a gratitude journal

Check out the next blog entry for detailed instructions on these gratitude practices to cultivate a thankful heart and happy life!

Learn how to put all of these practices in motion by attending the upcoming AromaYoga Workshop based on Gratitude.

Date: TBD


More info here…
AromaYoga Workshop: Gratitude


To read more about the amazing benefits of practicing gratitude…
Greater Good Gratitude Article . 402.227.5697

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