AromaYoga Workshop: Gratitude

“Encircle yourself and others with a thankful heart”

Combining the life-giving energy of essential oils with powerful heart opening yoga sequences to bring about an attitude of gratitude.

Why Practice Gratitude?

•Gratitude brings us happiness and reduces anxiety and depression.

•Gratitude is good for our bodies.

•Grateful people sleep better.

•Gratitude makes us more resilient.

•Gratitude strengthens relationships.

•Gratitude promotes forgiveness.

•Gratitude makes us “pay it forward.”

Why Use Essential Oils?

•Carefully selected essential oils will be used to promote positive emotions of gratefulness, thankfulness, and appreciation.

•Aromatic use of essential oils has a positive effect on moods and emotions.

•Topical use allows us to embody the regenerating, oxygenating, and immune-strengthening properties of plants.

•Internal use purifies and energizes the body. (Only CPTG certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils will be used to ensure safe consumption.)

Essential Oils Being Used: Balance Blend, Breath Blend, Lemon, Lemongrass, Rosemary, Wild Orange.

What to Bring:

•Yoga mat if you have one, otherwise mats are available at the studio.

•Glass water bottle if you’ve got one, otherwise cups will be provided.

•Something to write with and on if you like to take notes.

•An open heart and attitude of gratitude!

Date: TBD  . 402.227.5697